19 People Who Would Do Anything For The Perfect Photo

Do it for the 'gram.

Being a photographer is a lot of people's dream job. It sounds like there's a lot of adventure involved, but if you want to get that perfect shot, you need to commit to it. Imgur user Prashu4398 gathered some of the best moments where photographers took capturing the perfect picture very, very seriously.


1. Anything for those tree photos.

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2. Subtle.


3. It's actually just a traffic camera.

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4. We hope he recorded the entire ceremony like that.

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5. Cat photography is compelling.

Poor Kitty!

6. But we still don't know what the fox says.

So much effort..

7. OK but how did the original photos turn out?


8. He forgot his disposable camera.

Budget exceeded. No money for a tripod

9. Next time, ask politely.

Hope he's alive now

10. Front-facing camera phones exist for a reason, but we respect this.


11. Puddle photography is a woefully unexplored field.

A puddle.. ok..

12. Getting everyone's good side is critical.

Gorilla be like "Is my hair ok?"

13. It's important to warm up to your subjects.

This is a real picture!

14. But try not to show off too much.

She could've just inverted her camera standing straight..

15. Carrying back-up cameras usually isn't a bad idea.

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16. Flexibility is key.

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17. Immerse yourself in your work.

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18. Maybe don't commit that fully.

2 shooters focusing on each other

19. Run, child. Run.

Is that crocodile real?

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