This 'Exploration Shop' Is Bringing Magic To Life Through The Fusion of Science And Design

A SXSW session spotlight.

Harkening back to a time when inventions like the light bulb or motion pictures seemed to more the result of magic than science, Lauren Bowker injected a bit of sorcery and magic into her SXSW session See the Unseen, where she explained the evolution of her company The Unseen  Lauren talked to the audience about the evolution of her company, The Unseen – a bio-chemical invention group with a gothic, witchy vibe.

Bowker infuses leather and feathers with chemicals that react with naturally occurring environment conditions  such as heat and wind to change the materials' color – making her one of the few people who can claim the hyphenate title of bio-chemist/fashion designer.

"If you pioneer in the fashion world," says Bowker, "you can bring wearables to the rest of the world." The Unseen represents a shift in wearables; traditionally form comes second to function, however Bowker's collective is part of a larger movement to elevate the value that society places on design.


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