Here's What Happens When Exes Ask Each Other Questions While Hooked Up To A Lie Detector


Most people move on from their exes and continue on with their lives. But let's be honest: Given the chance to hook them up to a lie detector test, surely you'd have a few questions to ask. 

A few lucky ex-couples got that chance to do just that for an Elite Daily LABS Video. They sat the pair across from each other at a long table and hooked them up to a lie detector. The administer of the test sat in the middle to evaluate the results.

It's awkward enough to be so close to your ex again (unless you're both friends, then more power to you), but to openly invite them to get your honest answers, that takes guts. They take turns asking each other questions about their past relationship — from cheating to snooping to still having feelings — and these exes could not withhold anything even if they tried. The needle tells all.


The questions are easy at first.

But then they get awkward.

And then really hard.

Check out their answers in the video below:

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