Exes Describe Each Other To An Artist, Open Up Dialogue About Their Past Relationship

Would you do this with your ex?

After a couple months of dating, Sarrahh Blank, 25, and Mohammad Malik, 22, decided to call it quits. Now, in a recent BuzzFeed video, the two sit down with portrait artist Haven AQ and describe one another for a drawing. In doing so, the pair opens up about their relationship, and it's a practice perhaps other exes may find useful.

First, Blank and Malik describe each other's features to the artist, without being able to see what he's drawing. This includes the specific shapes of lips and noses, as well as their eyes. Once the sketches are complete, the exes sit side-by-side and reveal their creations.

"I look like Drake with a beard, guys," Malik says looking at the sketch of his face. 

Afterward, they listen to each other speak about the relationship, and it ends up sparking a pretty healthy dialogue. 

"When I did cut you off, it's 'cause I needed to recollect myself," Blank tells Malik, adding that she wishes he would've been there for her more. "I wanted something; I wasn't asking for a lot. Just to see you ... there's no such thing as being too busy for someone."

And while they might not agree on everything that happened, they can still remain friends, and end the video with a fist bump.

Check it all out below:



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