5 Ridiculous Excuses For Not Working Out — That You Can't Use Anymore

You got this.

1. "I"m still sore from my last workout.

Really? You"re sore? Good, nothing will help relieve that soreness like a little active recovery: low intensity exercise that, according to one study, reduces lactic acid — and pain — in the muscles after strenuous activity. "Sore" is just another excuse.

2. I"m too tired for the gym.

If you want to stop being tired, start by getting up off the couch. Research done at the University of Georgia found that healthy, but sedentary, adults who performed as little as 20 minutes of low-moderate intensity exercise three days a week for six weeks reported lower levels of fatigue and increased feelings of energy. According to the CDC, over one-third— 78.6 million—Americans are obese. It"s momentum: the less you exercise, the less you feel like exercising...

But the more you exercise, the more energy you have, and the more relaxed you"ll be.

3. I"m too embarrassed to go to the gym, and people will judge me.

This is powerful, we know, because who likes getting judged? Regardless of your size, the world is filled with people who are going to be in better shape than you. However if you're feeling anxious about the experience, check out gyms that tout "judgment-free zones" like Planet Fitness or see if there's one that caters to certain groups of people based on if they're a beginner or advanced gym-goer.

4. I really don"t have time.

You"re reading articles on the internet. You have time. If you have time to come up with "reasons" why you can"t work out, you have time to take a brisk 20 minute walk around the block and back. Do you have a floor? Do push-ups. Turn working out into games between TV or project breaks — Top Chef can wait.

5. I think I hurt myself.

We've all had workouts where we were so tired that we made up some B.S. excuse about the most minor injury just so we could take a 10 minute break. We get that, but it's a bad habit. If you need a break, take a break, and definitely see a doctor if you think you're hurt. But don't start making excuses about exaggerated injuries. The nice people at SealFit call them "quinjuries." Unless your doctor tells you not to do something, or you can"t actually move, chances are you"re listening to that voice in your head saying "give up." Don't. Just make it to the next rep, the next mile, the next second if that's what it takes. Pain has a beginning, a middle and an end: remember that and keep going. Just remember to stretch so you don't actually hurt yourself.

Please consult a doctor or medical professional before embarking on any exercise regiment and, for pity's sake, use common sense, stretch, and stay hydrated.

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