These Images Show The Tremendous Impact Technology Had On Our Lives

Puts things into a whole new perspective.

Technology has had a tremendous impact on our lives – both personally and professionally – and a team of entrepreneurs from Harvard Innovation Lab is set to prove it.

Their project Evolution of the Desk illustrates the technological changes we have experienced over the last 35 years. According to the creators, "sometimes it's hard to notice how much our world has changes when you look back at it year by year." So taking a snapshot of a longer period displays the truly dramatic transformations we have witnessed.

The replica of a 1980s desk features Mac Classic, a rolodex, a fax machine, file cabinet, a thick edition of Yellow Pages and other vintage artifacts.

Best Reviews / Photography: Doug Thomsen

The team says they chose 1980s as a starting point because it was the time when personal computers became commonplace and spurred a lot of software and IT innovations that we now take for granted. All of the showcased items are authentic, purchased from individual sellers on Ebay. Some of them were pretty tricky to find.

"The hardest item to find was an old fax machine. It seems like people put vintage Macs on Ebay even if they don't work, but they tend trash old fax machines. We also had difficulty finding a Yellowpages book. Yelp has clearly done a good job disrupting this space - phone books are just nowhere to be found these days!" Momchil Filev told A+.

The second slide shows how a cluttered desk full of gadgets turns into a sleek empty surface holding only a laptop and a smartphone enriched with powerful software and apps.

Best Reviews / Photography: Doug Thomsen

According to Momchil, we can still argue if technology has made our lives less cluttered than they were in 1980s. "Some way say that we have merely shifted the clutter from physical items to online. Is virtual clutter still clutter?" he argues. However, we have to agree that technology has made our lives easier.

"In addition to making things more practical, it also makes the world a much more connected and social place. Using a few of the apps ... we can stay in touch with anyone regardless of the distance. With cloud storage, we can save and store information without limits, and we have access through the Internet to infinitely more information than previous generations," says Momchil.

He sums it all up with a quote by Albert Einstein: "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?"

Best Reviews / Photography: Doug Thomsen

Head over to the Best Reviews website to watch the full Evolution of the Desk video and even get some history behind our favored apps such as Facebook, Dropbox, Snapchat, Airbnb and others.

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