You'll Be Flabbergasted When You Realize How Much You 'Accidentally' Workout

Who needs a gym membership?

When people are tying to get into shape, they try numerous everyday activities that you already do that result in calories lost. Eventually, all of those lost calories from your ordinary tasks do add up, if you keep doing them.

Here are 15 things you probably do constantly, that are actually just like exercising:

1. Dancing.

2. Walking your dog.

3. Reaching for stuff on shelves.

4. Carrying groceries.

5. Vacuuming.

6. Mowing the lawn.

7. Taking out the trash.

8. Using the stairs.

9. Cooking.

10. Diving in the pool.

11. Fist pumping.

12. Shopping at the mall.

13. Yelling.

14. Trying to get up from the couch.

15. Catching the bus.

Cover image via Remy Sharp.


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