11 Way Cool Things You Can Build With These Adult-Sized Lego-Like Blocks

Ready. Set. Build.

If you loved Legos as a kid or just want to easily build your own furniture, you're gonna love EverBlock

Just like Legos, EverBlocks are plastic modular blocks you can stack and lock together. The difference is they're huge. Like, life-sized. As in you can build a dining room table with just a few dozen of them. 


Arnon Rosan, founder of EverBlock Systems, wanted to create an easy way for people to build large objects using a series of simple, universal building blocks. 

The modular blocks come in 14 different colors and three sizes. You can purchase or rent three-inch blocks, six-inch blocks and blocks that are one-foot long. 

EverBlock will definitely excite your inner child and your imagination. You can build desks, walls, event decor and even small buildings. 

Here are some pretty awesome things you can build with EverBlocks: 

1. These shelves

2. This dining room table

3. These benches

4. This bar

5. This coffee table

6. This desk

7. This backdrop

8. This platform

9. These counters

10. This little building

11. These different kinds of walls

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