This Miniature Book Fits Inside Your Palm, But Includes Things That Are Larger Than Life

Small big things.

Our lives are full of big things.

Skyscrapers, 64-gigabyte memory cards, transcontinental railroads, million-dollar lotteries, supersized meals, grand love stories ...

Everything's getting bigger (and not just in Texas). But thankfully there are still plenty of those who appreciate the little things in life. 

Such as Colorado-based illustrator and designer Evan Lorenzen, whose miniature books celebrate the minutiae of our everyday existence.


It sounds like a paradox, but the thing that got Lorenzen big are these tiny, pin-sized books on everything from cereal to history's major events.

His latest creation — the second edition of a miniature book series about "Life's Little Pleasures."

You'll be amazed at all the incredible, precious things this book smaller than a matchstick can fit inside.

Fuzzy socks in cold weather.

Sleeping in.

Dropping something and catching it in midair.

Air guitar.

Perfectly separating an Oreo.

Unexpected interdimensional mail from your future self.


Staring directly into the Eye of God.


What are your little pleasures in life?

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