This Veterinarian Looks Damn Fine While Saving Animals

He's known as the "sexiest beast charmer."

Move over Doctor Dolittle. There's a new animal whisperer in town, and his name is Evan Antin. 

The 30-year-old animal expert and exotic animal veterinarian works at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in California, and looks damn fine while saving animals. It didn't take long for the young vet to get noticed, as he documents his pretty face all over his social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook. 

He's travelled around the globe, healing and studying animals, and was even named "Sexiest Beast Charmer" by People magazine. "I thought it was pretty funny" Antin told ABC 7, referring to his new title. "I've always strived to be the sexiest something, and so I'm glad it could be a vet." 

But besides tending to sick gators, monkeys, and lizards, Antin has also worked as a part-time model and personal trainer. Because, obviously. 

When asked if he's available, Antin told Daily Mail, "Off the market unfortunately, but she's a special girl, so I'm really happy." 

Yup, he's engaged. Sigh. 

Below check out some pics of Antin's gorgeous face next to even more gorgeous animals.  

Apparently Antin is going to be featured on some television show (surprise, surprise), though his caption says he can't reveal which show or network.  But keep your eyes peeled. 

If photos aren't enough for you, check out one of Antin's videos from his YouTube channel:

(H/T: Bored Panda


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