This Man Just Schooled Everyone On How To Address People With Dwarfism

"I promise you: the best thing to call someone with dwarfism is their name."

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Thanks to social media, a powerful vehicle for spreading awareness, we're more able to navigate the proper terms to talk about identity and intersectionality. Through social media, marginalized people also have amplified voices to call attention to the progress that still needs to be made. 

Writer and activist Eugene Grant recently took to Twitter to teach a powerful lesson on how to address people with dwarfism. While people are more "woke" these days, unfortunately there's still lots of ignorance when it comes to this topic. 


Grant started his Twitter thread explaining why the word “m*dget” is offensive and how to properly address a person with dwarfism.

He also highlighted the fact that people have the right to define themselves however they want.

He then made a solid point about the power of language when it comes to speaking about people with dwarfism.

He ended his thread with an important lesson we should apply to everyone.

Prejudice against people with dwarfism is often overlooked. Even in today's world where media is more sensitive to identity politics, people with dwarfism are still exploited for entertainment. Many Twitter users were grateful for Grant's explanation and some even admitted they were unaware of these issues.

While it is important to acknowledge our different identities, we should view each other as humans first. Treating others the way you want to be treated is the best bet for showing respect and kindness. 

Cover image via ShutterstockNolte Lourens


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