The Internet Is Freaking About This Chicago Jogger Who Went For A Shirtless Run In The Rain

Didn't plan that at all...

One shirtless Chicago jogging bro has the internet swooning this morning.


Ethan Renoe explains in his interview with WGN that he doesn't like to wear a shirt in the rain, "because it's too wet."

While we're going to call shenanigans on his answer and "impromptu" interview while he just happened to not be wearing a shirt, we'll give him all the points for effort. Besides, it's hard out here for single dudes. If you aren't pulling out all the cards, then you aren't really trying at all.

Besides, it seems to have worked pretty well as the internet can not really contain itself this morning after witnessing this shirtless interview.

As of 2:30 PM EST on Monday, it currently has about 2 million views and who knows how many people have sent him friend requests. We're guessing A LOT.

Anyway, while we start doing some more crunches, check out his interview below.

By the way, Armani called and they want their fragrance ad back.


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