People Were Warned Not To Look Into The Eyes Of This Sculpture. They Chose To Ignore The Rules, So This Happened.

Instant regret.

What's the first thought you get when you see a sign that reads "Do not touch"

If you're like us, it's probably something along the lines of "I absolutely, certainly, undoubtedly need to touch it. NOW!" We're guessing the exact same curiosity is responsible for luring these unsuspecting gallery-goers into being pranked by an inanimate gallery object.

Back in 2011, a sculpture by Norwegian artist Erik Pirolt was exhibited at a local school in Kristiansand, Norway. The interactive piece, titled "No Eye Contact Allowed," attracted a bunch of visitors. But none of them really knew what they were going in for by choosing to ignore the little plate that read: "Warning: Do not look into the eyes."


Just look at this guy confidently marching over to the statue, totally oblivious of what was going to happen...

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Then next thing you know, he's rolling on the floor.

Watch the full video below to learn this sculpture's secret.

Pretty sneaky, huh?


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