19 Uses Of Post-It Notes That Put Everything Else To Shame

These will stick with you forever.

While Post-it notes, arguably the greatest office supply of all time, were invented by accident, it's no accident that we all use them. While people do all sorts of crazy things with Post-it notes, some of the things we write on them or design with them are cooler than others.

Here are 19 of the greatest things people did with Post-it notes that will go down in history as awesome:


1. What a great dad.

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2. Andy Warhol would be proud.

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3. Salute this desk.

TIL my bosses desk is exactly 19 x 9 post-it notes in size.

4. This makes perfect sense.

Some people asked for more and I can deliver!

5. Would most moms agree with this?

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6. Post-it notes are great for animation.

animation made from post-it notes

7. This version of the jingle is better.

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8. Why is this coffee machine not working?

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9. Post-it notes make adorable things look terrifying.

A great use of Post-It notes

10. Such a pretty desk.

We had some Post Its left over :)

11. Post-it notes are the latest fashion trend.

New use for post it notes discovered

12. Video games, meet Post-it notes.

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13. This is going a little too far.

Woke Up to Find this Note

14. Your dashboard never looked this cool.

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15. A good warning.

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16. What a great prank.

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17. This character could have his own Pixar movie.

A pallet of post it notes

18. We did ... at this list.

Laugh (a lot)

19. Better get some Post-it notes for your kids.

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