19 Epic Home Theaters That Bring Netflix And Chill To A Whole New Level

#17 is everything.

If you're a huge movie buff, or just get pure joy out of binge-watching Netflix, you know how important it is to be super comfortable and have easy access to snacks. 

For most of us, that means dealing with crumbs in our beds. But for people with tens of thousands of dollars to spare, there's a magical oasis in their house called a home theater. No, we're not talking about just a room with a couch and TV. We're talking elaborately themed decor that makes you feel like you're far, far away from home. 

Naturally, the best home cinemas are inspired by films. From fantasy flicks like Pirates of the Caribbean to beloved sci-fi movies like Star Wars, these rooms are themed to make every home viewing experience feel like an adventure. 

Seriously, the people who own these places should just start charging tickets. 


Check out some of the masterpieces below:

1. No place better to watch the "Batman" movies than your own personal Batcave.

Batcave 1

2. Here's some first generation "Star Trek" decor ...

The Bridge

3. ... and some next generation for modern Trekkies.

Star Trek TNG

4. This "Pirates of the Caribbean" theater will make you say "Arrgh!"


5. Perfect for Netflix.

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6. "Star Wars," anyone?

Star Wars (Home in Hawaii)

7. You'll feel like you're in a distant galaxy in this one.

Stargate Atlantis

8. Um, would you ever leave this place?

KSS Ulitmate Media Room ($6 Million Theater)

9. For when you want to feel like you're under the sea.

Nautilus (from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

10. This one is just classic.

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11. The perfect sci-fi oasis.

Star Trek Enterprise (with Sliding "Whoosh" Doors)

12. An Egyptian home theater, perfect for watching period pieces.


13. All aboard.


14. This Death Star battle station is the perfect place to check out the new movie.

Death Star

15. Leather armchairs for everyone!


16. This ceiling is insane.

Notre Dame Cathedral

17. For when you want to watch a movie poolside.

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18. A football fan's dream.

Titans (NFL)

19. Perfect for the kiddies.

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