This Employee's Simple Act Of Kindness Made All The Difference To A Mom

There's service, then there's going above and beyond.

A random act of kindness doesn't usually require that much effort on the giver's part, but it can make a monumental difference to the recipient

That was certainly true of mom Coty Vincent's experience during a recent trip to Enterprise. The Oklahoma mother wrote a post on Facebook about how employee John Goodlett helped her out with her car rental while simultaneously holding one of her twins because she did not have a double stroller.


The small act of kindness wasn't just good customer service, it was one person helping another in need.

Vincent originally wrote the Facebook post on July 13. Since then, she added an update after the story of Goodlett's random act of kindness began circulating the Internet.  

"I just received a call from the Enterprise Branch Manager, Marlyn Jones and he was excited to hear about this going viral. He said this kind selfless act has gone to the corporate level and magic is in the making! Lets hope John gets the recognition he deserves! Molly Boland and Greg from Corporate Headquarters have called me as well and have a surprise in the works! Enterprise has purchased me a double stroller and has a surprise for John, too!"

It's wonderful to see that Goodlett's good deed was recognized, but it is equally wonderful that such a small act has had an effect not only on Vincent and the Enterprise staff, but the general public. To date, Vincent's Facebook post has received over 158,000 likes and it has been shared over 22,000 times.

The post is also inspiring people to #BeAJohn and go out and do random acts of kindness

Others are writing about the Johns in their life. One Facebook user said, "I've had people help me out too, granted I'm not a twin mommy. [When] my daughter was first born, we went out to eat at a Chinese buffet. Since she was new, she couldn't sit in a high chair and she didn't want to sit in her carseat anymore so I was sitting there struggling to eat [as I was] holding her while my husband scarfed down his food, and kept going back [and forth]. So one of the waitresses came over and scooped up my daughter and walked around with her until I finished eating. I was so thankful to her."

Another person wrote how they experienced something similar at Enterprise, "Love Enterprise! My brand new car was hit this winter and I was there a lot for a rental because of multiple repairs. One of their workers always held my son for me while I put in his car seat, because they can't install them for you due to insurance policies. Great company and great employees!!!"

In a time when the news is usually dominated by stories of violence and sadness, these simple acts mean more than ever. Not only does a helping hand improve the receiver's day, it has a positive impact on everyone who hears about it.

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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