Watch Emma Watson Beatbox So Hard That Her Face Turns Red — It's All For A Good Cause

When two great artists get together, amazing things happen.

Actress and U.N. Women Ambassador Emma Watson recently sat down to chat with Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the conversation led to something pretty incredible. Watson and Miranda teamed up for a freestyle rap like no other, with Watson beatboxing. Luckily for us, they captured the performance on Facebook video.

While Watson was nervous to beatbox, she still participated — it was for a cause she cared about, after all. In the video, Miranda asked what he should freestyle about.

"Gender equality," Watson said. "It's International Women's Day. It's #HeForShe."

#HeForShe is a gender equality campaign that Watson partners with the United Nations on to encourage men to stand up for feminism. Miranda is also a feminist, and his freestyle rap on gender equality reflected that perfectly.

"It's Lin and I have to laugh," he said in the rap. "How can we not be equal? We're like half. Like women are like half of the people on earth. And yes, they should have been cut equal since birth."

Miranda also included a line about equal pay in the rap.


Watson has been a great advocate for gender equality and for the #HeForShe campaign. She recently announced that she is taking a year off from acting to focus on her own personal growth and growing the #HeForShe campaign. And, as Miranda said in the video, Watson is also now part of the "beatbox dream team."


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