When You Hear Her Voice, You'll Think It's Auto-Tuned

So unique.

Singer Emma Robinson first started to gain traction at the age of 16 when her cover of Rihanna's song "Stay" went viral in 2013. But what made her rendition so special wasn't that she was just another singer on the Internet doing a beautiful cover — it was that her voice naturally sounded auto-tuned. 

Many of Robinson's listeners were skeptical that her voice was, in fact, all natural without any added effects. But an interview on ABC Action News proved them all wrong when Robinson sang an impromptu version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." 

Now, her latest video, a cover of "Paper Hearts" by Tori Kelly, was posted on Reddit and has already gained over 50,000 views. 

Check it out:

Some YouTube commenters attribute the unique tone of her voice to a technique known as side-yodeling. Regardless, we can all agree her style is quite unique, and proves we should really get rid of auto-tuning all together. Because who needs that special effect when humans can produce it naturally? 

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