3-Year-Old Gymnast Prodigy Shows Off Her Skills On 'The Ellen Show'

She's not afraid of falling because she can just "get back up."

When Ellen DeGeneres asked 3-year-old gymnast prodigy Emma Rester if she's afraid of falling, the adorable toddler had a brilliant response:

"No, because then we get back up," she said, smiling.

The flipping-amazing gymnast has nearly 70,000 followers on her Instagram account — an account filled with videos of her tricks and photos showcasing her positive personality.

After an interview with DeGeneres, Emma took to various gymnastics equipment to show off her splits, handstands, bar routine, and back handsprings. 

And it's awfully impressive. 

"That was so good! I can't believe how good you are," DeGeneres tells Emma after her performance. 

You won't want to miss the full video below:


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