Australian Parliament Member Gives Heartfelt Speech On Domestic Violence

It was a brave, emotional and important speech.

Australian parliament member Emma Husar delivered a tear-jerking speech about her experience with domestic violence on Wednesday.

The Labor party MP spoke on behalf of survivors of domestic violence, and told several tragic stories about her relationship with an abusive, alcoholic father. Husar became visibly choked up as she shared her story.

"My father had been raised in a home where violence was the accepted norm, at a time where society said these things were private matters," she said. "Whilst the blows that landed on my mother during my childhood didn't land on me physically, they might as well have."

Husar said that during her first 13 years of life, her mother was the main victim of her father's abusive behavior. But as she got older, she faced physical violence too. 

"Dad would apologize, promise to be different, and that would work for just a short time," she said.


In Australia, there is a program called White Ribbon that specifically tackles men's violence against women. This Friday is White Ribbon Day, and Husar gave her speech in hopes of dropping the stigma around domestic violence.

"We know many, many women return time and time again. Even when their lives are massively disrupted along with their children's," Husar said. "I hope the blame that was launched at my mum during the '90s for not leaving is no longer part of 'the solution' to domestic violence."

You can watch Husar's full speech below. If you'd like more info about domestic violence and how to help, check out White Ribbon


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