Ellen's Wacky Game For Three Inspiring Teachers Ended With A Touching Surprise

She didn't leave them hanging.

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day, Ellen DeGeneres teamed up with Crayola to give three awesome educators a generous surprise. But if there's one thing Ellen loves almost as much as giving back, it's playing wacky games with her guests. In this case, the game was "Don't Leave Me Hanging."

Before starting, the host got to know her three contestants: Melissa, a kindergarten teacher who loves "having the opportunity to change children's lives"; Victor, a civics teacher who mentors at-risk youth in his community; and Brittany, a second-grade teacher who started a bus program to tutor parents and students.


Ellen connected the contestants to cables and challenged them to go around giving examples in different categories (excuses for why you don't have your homework, for instance). If they couldn't think of anything or they repeated what was already said, they got lifted up by their cables until they disappeared. The host made things even more fun by checking in with their students through video chat.

In the end, only one teacher emerged the winner, but Ellen had a surprise for all three of them. Not only did she send them home with school supplies for their classrooms, but she also presented each of them with a $10,000 check from Crayola. Considering the average teacher spends hundreds on supplies out of their own pocket each year, this is a big thank-you.

See the teachers' reactions in the video below:

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