Two Women Have The Best Freak Out Reactions When Their Best Friends Surprise Them

We would freak out too.

When Ellen DeGeneres called studio audience members Jessica Virga and Tessa Beeler to her stage to play a game, the two women had no idea that DeGeneres had major surprises waiting for them backstage.

DeGeneres first explains that Virga and Beeler will be playing a game of "Mr. Big Stuff," which is like charades. But in order to do so, they each need a partner to play with. 

"So Jessica," Degeneres says, "who's your best friend?" Virga names her friend Felice, who DeGeneres then calls out from backstage. The two friends have an emotional reunion before DeGeneres welcomes Beeler's best friend too.

After all friends exchange hugs and hellos, the game begins, and in true The Ellen Show fashion, it's all hilarious. Of course, everyone goes home with a prize, too.

We love that DeGeneres so casually surprised two women in the audience with their best friends, and we're pretty sure this is one day no one will forget.

You can check it all out below:



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