Ellen Surprises Mother-Daughter Pair With Presents At Their Front Door

Ellen continues to reward people for their acts of kindness.

In true Ellen fashion, the talk show host is surprising yet another family with the goal of rewarding people for their kindness. 

In a recent episode of The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres read aloud a letter from 23-year-old Catherine Guy who wanted to surprise her mother with tickets to the show.

According to DeGeneres, the letter, in part, read:

"Hi Ellen, Because of you and your love for animals and people I have started my own pet therapy group called Retrieving Hearts. Be kind to others is what we're about ... Our volunteer group visits sick kids and the elderly on a weekly basis ... But there's one person in my life I'd really like to help out: my mom." 

With that, DeGeneres decided to send a camera crew to Guy's house to deliver two VIP tickets along with a check to help Guy further her work and mission. 

"The joy and love a dog brings to me every day is something I can bring to these other kids," Guy told WNCN following DeGeneres' visit. 

Be sure to check out the full video below for more, and remember: kindness doesn't go unnoticed.


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