Woman Has Blissful Reaction When Her Navy Officer Boyfriend Surprises Her On TV

Welp, we're crying.

During an episode of The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres reads out a letter from one very important viewer, Noah Copeland, a supply officer in the United States Navy. 

In the letter, Copeland explains that he's currently overseas but that his girlfriend, Maura Gonsalves, is sitting in DeGeneres's audience as she speaks. 

"I know that you're the reason that [Maura's] been able to get through this deployment. I was supposed to come back at the end of January, but things keep getting pushed back and now I'm not sure when I'm going to be home. Since I can't be there with her, I know nothing would make her happier than getting to celebrate your birthday with you at your show."

DeGeneres then welcomes Gonsalves, who's visibly shocked and emotional, to her stage. There, Gonsalves explains how she and Copeland moved to California from Massachusetts about a year and a half ago. Just a handful of months after they moved, Copeland was deployed to Diego Garcia, an atoll in the Indian Ocean. He's since been gone for over a year. 

After sharing more about their relationship, DeGeneres explains she wants to invite Gonsalves to her birthday show, and asks someone from backstage to bring out Gonsalves's tickets. Much to everyone's surprise, Copeland has been backstage the entire time, and the two reunite right then and there.

Afterward, the couple explains that they planned on traveling to Puerto Rico once they were back together again, but after the recent hurricanes, their plans had to be called off. Instead, they donated the money they'd put towards their trip to disaster relief in Puerto Rico.

"I told him we have to do something," Gonsalves says of their decision to donate. 

DeGeneres then surprises Gonsalves by offering her a trip for two to Hawaii. 

Overall, it was an emotional segment, to say the least. 

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