Ellen Meets A 6-Year-Old Science Podcaster Who Has An Adorable Spirit

Ellen just can't stop laughing.

"At just 6 years old, our first guest spends most of his time interviewing scientists about climate change and evolution for his podcast," Ellen DeGeneres says before introducing her next guest to her show. "When I was 6, I ate crayons."

With that, Ellen welcomes Nate Butkus, who's podcast, The Show About Science, features episodes such as "Climate Change, Evolution and Bacon with John Wiens," "Fake Sugar and Fruit Flies with Monica Dus," and "The Case of the Invisibility Cloak with Andrea Alu."

For his interview with Ellen, Nate shows up dressed to impress: he wears a button-up and tie beneath a lab coat, and shows off his haboob goggles, meant for a dust storm. 

It's evident that Nate possesses a promising entrepreneurial spirit. He tells Ellen that he typically books the guests for his show — or at least approves of them.

"If we're lucky, sometimes a guest [will] book us," he says. "I still have to approve it, but here's a quick shout-out: I'll always approve." 

So far, Nate's made $500 through his podcast, and, hopefully, he never stops sharing his passion with the world. 

Check out the full video below for more:


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