Woman's Touching Story Of Becoming Her Best Friend's Surrogate Catches Ellen's Attention

"Because of Erica, I get to become a mom for the first time."

When a woman named Katelin found out she wouldn't be able to carry her own children, her best friend Erica decided to step up to the plate. 

"I want to tell you about my incredible best friend Erica," Katelin writes in a letter to Ellen DeGeneres, which DeGeneres reads aloud during an episode of The Ellen Show. "For the past four years, my husband and I have been trying to start a family. After countless [in vitro fertilization] cycles and five miscarriages, we knew my body couldn't carry a baby. That's where Erica comes in."

Katelin then reveals that Erica offered to be Katelin's surrogate, and is now carrying Katelin's twins. 

"Because of Erica, I get to become a mom for the first time. I'll never be able to thank her enough for this," Katelin says, adding that Erica has also always dreamt of meeting DeGeneres.

After reading the letter, Ellen announces that Jeannie Klisiewicz from the show is with Katelin and Erica and they have a special surprise in store for them.

Erica and Katelin then meet Ellen through a video call and of course, everyone's all smiles. Erica, who has two children of her own, takes the opportunity to explain why she decided to be a surrogate. 

"Watching your friend go through something so devastating is really hard. I felt so helpless. The moment I had an opportunity to do something I just jumped at it," she says. "The moment that I hand those babies over to Katelin and her husband will be the best moment of my life."

"You mean because they're out of your stomach," Ellen jokes. 

After sharing their heartwarming story, Ellen reveals that she will be gifting Katelin with presents from her upcoming Mother's Day show. 

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