Ellen Surprises This Deserving Teacher With A Major Opportunity

"Jordan Siragusa, where are you?"

"I know a lot of you try to get tickets to the show for a long time ... and there's someone in the audience today who's been trying for 10 years to get tickets. Jordan Siragusa, where are you?" Ellen DeGeneres says during an episode of The Ellen Show, inviting Siragusa to her stage.

Siragusa is clearly surprised by the invite. DeGeneres explains that Siragusa's husband wrote into the show explaining why his wife was so deserving of the tickets.


Through this, we learn that Siragusa is a first-grade teacher at a Title 1 school in Charlotte, N.C. She then explains that many of her students are high-poverty students, receiving free or reduced lunch. Moreover, many of them are new to the country and are just learning to speak English. 

"They just deal with a lot more than what other people deal with and they're still such wonderful, bright lights to everyone that works [at the school]."

When asked why she teaches, Siragusa says she's always wanted to be a teacher and is inspired by her own first-grade teacher, who was willing to help her through her learning disabilities

"She made me feel just as smart and capable as everyone else in that room," Siragusa adds, thinking back. "I just hope I can make other children feel that way. They're all capable and smart, and can chase their dreams and do what they want to do." 

With that, DeGeneres surprises the well-deserving teacher with a full-ride scholarship to Western Governors University so that she can fulfill her dream of getting a master's degree in education.

You can check it all out in the interview below:


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