Ellen DeGeneres Was Sad John Cena Missed His Prom. So She Stepped In With A Surprise.

"I hate surprises, but this one I like."

For many students, prom is a big deal. You look for a date, the perfect outfit, the best places to take your pictures, and, hopefully, it ends up being a night you'll always remember. 

During a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, John Cena talks about his new movie, Blockers, which focuses on high school seniors on their prom night. But, Ellen DeGeneres brings up the fact that Cena himself never had the chance to go to prom


"I went to boarding school and it was a co-ed boarding school, so I saw these people all year anyway, and I was dead broke, and I had the chance to stay on campus and earn some money, so I didn't go to prom," Cena tells Ellen DeGeneres. 

DeGeneres, of course, can't have Cena go through life without those memories, so she decides to surprise him by throwing him a prom with a very special date waiting backstage: Cena's fiancé, Nikki Bella. 

With that, doors open up to reveal a prom set, complete with king and queen crowns, balloons, a place to take those cheesy prom photos, and music. Bella is also waiting with corsages. 

"I hate surprises, but this one I like," Cena says. The couple then takes their photos, shares a slow dance, and, of course, can't stop smiling.

You can check it all out below:

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