Ellen DeGeneres And Megyn Kelly Take Opposite Tacks To A Hypothetical Interview With President Trump

If you had a television show, would you host the president?

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and journalist Megyn Kelly are two of the most recognizable women on television, but when it comes to the president they have a major disagreement. 

On Wednesday, Kelly went on The Ellen Show to discuss her own show on NBC. DeGeneres asked her if she'd host the president on the show, and Kelly — seeming surprised there'd be any other answer — said that she "definitely" would.

"I mean, I wouldn't say no to the sitting president of the United States," Kelly said. "Would you?"

"Yeah," DeGeneres answered quickly, to an ovation from the studio audience. Kelly and DeGeneres smiled and laughed as the audience cheered, but DeGeneres was sure to be clear about why she felt that way.


"He is who he is, and he has enough attention," DeGeneres said. "And he has his Twitter account and he has ways to get his message across. There's nothing I'm going to say to him that's going to change him, and I don't want to give him a platform because it validates him. And for me to have someone on the show, I have to at least admire them in some way. And I can't have someone who I feel is not only dangerous for the country and for me personally, as a gay woman, but to the world. He's dividing all of us. … I don't want him on the show."

The exchange between DeGeneres and Kelly illustrates how the media has had to grapple with coverage of President Trump. Kelly herself came under scrutiny after grilling the president during a nationally televised debate, which led to another big controversy when Trump seemed to imply she was upset because she was on her period.

Many Americans who don't support the president think that the mainstream media gave Trump an unreasonable amount of coverage during the campaign, elevating his status and giving airtime to mistruths. Supporters of Trump, though, point to media studies that say his coverage from legacy networks is almost entirely negative

Regardless, it's nice to see two prominent media figures debating the topic with respect and honesty. You can view their entire exchange below:

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