Kris Jenner Hilariously Pranks A 99-Cent Store With The Help Of Ellen DeGeneres

"Mommy's broke."

We know Kris Jenner as the matriarch who keeps the Keeping Up With the Kardashian family together and dominating pop culture — but, despite all of that, our favorite momager isn't immune to the hilarity of those epic Ellen DeGeneres pranks. In a fun sketch, Jenner visits a 99-cent store and causes some commotion with DeGeneres providing step-by-step instructions.


"Hi, I'm Kris Jenner. I'm a big celebrity," the YouTube video for Ellen's Show Me More Show opens with DeGeneres telling Jenner to greet the cashier in aisle No. 1 — a woman completely unaware of the hidden-camera prank. "Before I check out, I have a couple questions."

Thus begins a series of over-the-top tasks DeGeneres makes Jenner do, such as eating and wearing unpurchased items, literally laughing out loud, showing off her finger-dancing abilities, asking how much wine can fit in a bucket, asking about some items for Kanye West, and inquiring about razors before revealing it was all a stunt to the unsuspecting cashier.

Our favorite line out of the whole sketch? "Mommy's broke," Jenner tells the cashier as a whispery secret. "But you know what? Too blessed to be stressed."

Check out Ellen DeGeneres and Kris Jenner’s 99-cent store prank here:

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