Ellen DeGeneres Meets Hilarious, Viral Food Critic And Surprises Him With A Sweet Deal

"Now listen, I'm a little boy from Kansas, so that doesn't happen all the time."

You may recognize Kalen Allen from one of his hilarious, viral food reaction videos on the internet. Allen even caught Ellen DeGeneres' attention, and recently, the talk show host welcomed Allen to her stage for a chat.

Back in December, DeGeneres told her audiences that she found Allen online, and that she "loved him so much" and wanted everyone to tune into his work. Allen's videos consist of him giving the funniest, most honest reactions to some seriously strange cooking concoctions. 

"I love him," DeGeneres said. "Kalen, if you're watching ... I want you to come here. Call me."


Now, DeGeneres sits face to face with Allen to talk about his videos and his day-to-day life. 

Through this, DeGeneres finds out that Allen started critiquing videos just for his friends. He shared one on social media and some hours later, he had a ton of new views and followers. 

"Now listen, I'm a little boy from Kansas, so that doesn't happen all the time," Allen said. 

DeGeneres also found out that Allen is quite the entrepreneur: he works five jobs while going to college so that his mother doesn't have to worry about him financially.

Throughout the interview, Allen's positivity is contagious and he's sure to bring a smile to your face. At the end, DeGeneres surprises him by announcing that her show would like to help Allen share more videos with the world — and we're thankful for that, too. 

Check it all out below:


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