Ellen DeGeneres Pranks A Shopper In Yet Another Perfect Hidden Camera Segment

"How much do you make?"

In yet another hilarious hidden camera prank from The Ellen Show, host Ellen DeGeneres sends her writer Adam to a mall to help wrap Christmas presents. The catch? He's wearing an earpiece and has to say or do whatever Degeneres tells him to. 

With that, an unsuspecting customer approaches Adam's station and asks him to wrap his gift. DeGeneres then tells Adam to take out an arm sling from a paper bag and put it on. From there, he can only wrap with one arm. 

"I have a rash on my other arm, but I'll be OK," Adam tells the customer, per DeGeneres' instruction. The customer seems a little confused, and then Adam asks him to help out with the wrapping.


"It's a nice gift, you must be doing very well," Adam says. "How much do you make?"

The customer can't help but laugh at the inquiry, and we're right there with him. 

Adam then proceeds to wrap the present using an entire roll of wrapping paper, and we can tell the customer is starting to lose their patience. 

Finally, Adam takes his phone out of his pocket, pretending that he's getting a message from his supervisor. He then tells the customer:

"He's telling me I should tell you that I don't really work here. I work for The Ellen DeGeneres Show and she's been telling me what to say. And she wants to invite you to the show."

Now we're all smiles. Check it out in full below:

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