Ellen Remembers Carrie Fisher's Many Funny Appearances On Her Talk Show

"I loved when she was here. She made me laugh so hard."

Since her death last week, actress Carrie Fisher has been remembered by many people in many different ways. She's been praised for her mental health advocacy, her talent as a writer, and, of course, her acting, specifically her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars. Ellen DeGeneres, who took a moment to pay tribute to Fisher on her talk show Wednesday, chose to remember her for her sense of humor.

"I knew her for a long time," Ellen began. "She's been on the show many times, and the last time was just a month ago. I loved when she was here. She made me laugh so hard. She was smart, she was funny, she was hilariously honest about herself and the world around her."

The host then shared a montage of Fisher's appearances on her show over the years, as she talked about everything from her legacy as Princess Leia ("It follows me around like a vague exotic smell") to living next door to her mother Debbie Reynolds, who passed away just a day after her. She even helped Ellen sell tickets to The Force Awakens on the street last year.

"I miss you, Carrie. I love you," Ellen said in closing, before sharing her usual motto, "Be kind to one another."

Watch Ellen's sweet tribute to Carrie Fisher in the video below:


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