Elizabeth Banks Launches WhoHaha, A Platform Exclusively For Female Content Creators

"It's about the 'who' behind the 'ha-ha.' "

To say Elizabeth Banks is a triple threat is almost disrespectful. Although she's an accomplished comedian, actor, and director, that's really not even the full picture of her talents. She also commands a strong social media presence, understands how to synergize her persona with select brands in creative ways, and simply put, she lifts all boats around her.

Her latest project is possibly the best example of that rising tide force — WhoHaha, a website devoted to women, with content created exclusively by women. It's a similar structure to Funny Or Die, which was started by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy in 2007, and skews toward a male audience.

"This is an opportunity," Banks told Ad Age. "There are people doing it really well for boys. I just felt like there was not a place that was doing it really, really well, and specifically, for girls and women." She also added: "We're not anti-male. We love boys and men and their eyeballs. There will be lots of boys and men on our site, just not as content creators."

The site will be home to various short-form work starring Banks like Really Important Questions, in which she answers pressing questions from fans like "can I have a sandwich?" and Ask a Badass, in which she interviews notable personalities such as Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. It'll also increasingly feature up and comers of the comedy world, some of which have already built up loyal followings on YouTube and elsewhere. Banks hopes WhoHaha's added exposure will help them make the leap to even bigger platforms and large-scale projects.

"We need in Hollywood and entertainment those fresh voices, and they need a leg up," she said. "Most of the people I talk to do want to be in more traditional media, and their online presence is often just a way to get here."


Check out a short clip of Banks introducing the site below:

Cover image: Wikimedia


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