25 Pics Of The Elf On The Shelf Being Very Naughty

Better not let Santa see these.

The Elf on the Shelf has become a Yuletide staple. But blind items have been circulating everywhere these days claiming that our favorite Christmas companion has been getting into trouble.

Seems this once-wholesome friend to children around the world has tired of the straight-and-narrow and is celebrating a little too hard these days. In fact, some say he's gone totally off the deep end, tracing a Lohan-like path toward oblivion.

It's tough to deny the hard evidence. No doubt, Santa would be dismayed to see these scandalous shots of the Elf on the Shelf bashing Charlie Sheen style. Put the kids to bed and see for yourself. 

Warning: These image are guaranteed to shock you. NSFK, either. (Not safe for kids)


1. I luv dem strippers.

2. Extra dirty.

3. Movember's over, bitch.

4. I'm a D-boy.

5. OMG.

6. "Yeah, I just closed my eyes and swung."

7. Prepare to die.

8. White Christmas.

9. Motherf***er owed me money.

10. And...action!

11. Tell Elfie what you want for Christmas.

12. Nooooooooo!

13. Frosty just got whacked.

14. Work it, gurl.

15. VIP room ain't free!

16. A new record!

17. Say hello to my little friend!

18. Don't forget to brush, a**wipe.

19. Dude, that was our last roll!

20. I got somethin' real important to give you.

21. SAMCRO Elf.

22. Don't hate the game.

23. Whoops, my hand slipped.

24. Elf is just happy to see you.

25. Merry F**king Christmas.

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