Elderly People Can't Figure Out How To Snap A Photo, Record Their Very Real Struggle Instead

The struggle is real.


Sure, technology is all about making our lives easier. But then sometimes it needs mastering.

And we have a little something that proves just that.

The video above features an elderly woman and her gang of friends trying to take a photo of gorgeous scenery with her iPhone. None of them, however, realize that instead of snapping a photo, they are actually filming themselves ... and their precious conversation. The struggle is real and yet so hilarious.

"You just press a button and it takes you," the elderly man says, thinking he has it all figured out. "You can do a selfie like this. [...] Turn it all the way around, pointing to that. You just point at it, Barbara precious."

This is basically us in 40 years from now trying to figure out how to use all those devices of the future. Things will get tricky.

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