Adorable Wedding Photography Turns The Happy Couple Into Miniature People

Commemorate the event with some creative photography.

Thai photographer Ekkachai Saelow is giving couples a little something different when it comes to their wedding photos and engagement shots. His photography business คนตัวเล็ก, which literally translates to "Small Person," specializes in shrinking couples to look like miniature people exploring a big, big world. They become the size of teeny dolls or action figures and are put in playful scenarios. 

Saelow creates this effect using composite photography. Saelow photographs the couple and then the background they'll be placed in. He then cuts the couple from one image and inserts them into the small scale scene. Finally, Saelow employs a tilt-shift effect to the composite photo to give it a miniature macro look. 


The result is incredibly unique and playful as it depicts the happy couple trying to navigate the big, bad world. It's a lovely metaphor for the marriage to come. 

You can check out some of his photography below:

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