This Photo Series Shows The Struggles Of Being A Really, Really Old Soul

Versailles problems.

Life's not easy for 18th century French aristocrats just trying to make it in this big bad world. Photographer Thibault Carron set out to explore the ways one of Marie Antoinette's contemporaries would have navigated modern life in his project "And If Fashion Was...," and the results are pretty great. Here are some of the struggles over which you can bond with members of the First Estate.


1. Gas prices will always be too high.

2. This season's grapefruit just aren't cutting it.

3. Phone died, can't use Uber.

4. Bus schedules are just a suggestion.

5. Fast food restaurants charging for ketchup.

6. It's impossible to find headphones that don't mess up your hair.

7. Infinite train delays.

8. Smoking's bad for you.

9. Noise complaints from lame neighbors.

10. Still stuck on level 12.


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