This Family May Be The Funniest Thing On Vine... And Here's The Proof

Better than ANY home movie.

The Eh Bee Family is nothing short of phenomenal when it comes to maximizing the power of Vine's short video format . The family has managed to keep its exact identity something of a secret, with only identifying them as a family from Toronto, Canada whose patriarch, Andres, started making Vine videos a little over a year ago with his wife, 7-year-old daughter, and 8-year-old son. (He lovingly refers to his children as "the monkeys.")

The family's Vines poke fun at the relationship between parents and kids, generational differences, and the little slices of life that everyone can relate to.

We're happy to bring you 9 of our favorites, culled from their Vine account. Enjoy.


1. Thanks, technology.

2. Close call, playa.

3. Not easy being uncool, okay?

4. Um... could you spell that?

5. When the 'rents are away, the monkeys will play...

6. SO true.


8. Yep: exactly.

9. Wait for the drop...

For more from The Eh Bee family, please check them out on Vine and Facebook. You can also see them on YouTube, but be prepared to lose a few hours. They're that funny.

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