This Is Why You Don't Chug Eggnog

Winning comes at a price.

Chugging eggnog doesn't even sound like a good idea. But throw in a 50 dollar gift card? Now you're talking.

"I was basically aspirating eggnog," Ryan Roche, eggnog-chugging champion, told a local Utah news station shortly after leaving the hospital. "It"s one of those things where your competitiveness gets the best of you and now I look like an idiot, right?"

Well, we won't go ahead and call you any names, Ryan, but this certainly wasn't the smartest idea. Roche revealed his strategy thusly: "I pretty much just opened up my throat and just poured it down."

Apparently, it worked. He finished the quart of eggnog in 12-seconds, breaking the previous company record of 22-seconds, and also nearly drowning himself on the way. He was diagnosed with double lung pneumonia and spent three days in the hospital on an IV drip before pulling through.

We're glad Roche is healthy and got to spend Christmas with his family, but beware: eggnog is no laughing matter.

Check out the local news report (including the video of the competition) in the clip above.

(H/t Mashable)



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