This Homeless Piano Man Was Caught Playing On Camera, Then His Entire Life Changed

"If you have a gift, use it."

When Edmonton man Ryan Arcand stumbled upon an unused piano in the middle of the street, he had no idea what was coming next.


At the time the video was shot, he had been homeless and an alcoholic for decades.

However, once the video went viral, the internet and people everywhere in Canada began looking for the homeless piano man to find out who he was.

They eventually tracked him down, but he unfortunately wound up in jail due to some mischievous behavior. While it was a setback, he was able to reach a deal and was sent to live at Ambrose Place to give life a second chance.

While there, they limited his alcohol consumption and he was able to turn his focus back to music. 

You can watch the full story below to see how this mans life went from living on the streets to recovery, showing us yet again, anything is possible.


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