13 Gorgeous Fashion Sketches Made Using Unusual Objects

The CD dress is on point.

When it comes to fashion design, inspiration can come from anywhere — even your kitchen junk drawer. 

Edgar Artis uses things like matches and tin foil to give his gorgeous designs some extra oomph. He either directly adds the everyday materials to the paper, or creates cut-outs that he holds up to the objects he wants to incorporate in his designs. 

"I was inspired by Shamekh Bluwi and Kristina Webb," Artis told A Plus. "And now I'm looking for inspiration in almost every object." 

Check out some of his designs below:

1. Pomegranate seeds

2. Used matchsticks

3. Colorful candies

4. Lemon slices

5. Wheat

6. Broken CDs

7. Mandarin peel

8. Burnt paper

9. Rose petals

10. Leaves

11. Red basil

12. Snakeskin

13. Tin foil


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