Ed Sheeran Overheard A Girl Singing At The Mall, So He Did Something Wild For Her

This might make you want to move to Canada.

A 13 year-old girl named Sydney Bourbeau was just minding her own business singing "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran at the mall for this lovely audience:


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But then all of a sudden she was no longer just a random Ed Sheeran fan from West Edmonton, Canada. She was the envy of every single girl at her school — and maybe even the world.  

Because all of a sudden this famous man was onstage next to her singing along to his own song.

It really was an adorable coincidence. Bourbeau was singing at a fundraiser for the Edmonton Humane Society. Sheeran overheard from a music store nearby and decided to "roll up." 

The duet sounded really nice (but around 0:57, neither of them has a strong grasp of the lyrics — which is understandable in the heat of such a powerful moment).

Watch this fun surprise from beginning to end:


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