If Ed Sheeran Wants To Become A New Zealand Citizen, He'll Need To Answer These Questions

"Are you willing to make New Zealand your home? Let me know."

If Ed Sheeran wants to become a New Zealand citizen, he's going to have to answer three questions. The country's prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, responded to the pop singer's innocent inquiry by asking a few silly cultural questions — but it's the last, more serious question, that highlights a real problem the Kiwi nation faces.

"Hey, New Zealand. I can't wait to see you soon. I'm not yet a citizen of New Zealand but working on it. Hook me up, prime minister, please," Sheeran says in a recent video ahead of tour dates in the country.

"Hello, Ed. My name is Jacinda Ardern, I'm the prime minister of New Zealand, and I understand you've put through a very informal request for citizenship," the politician responded in a Twitter video. "Well, before we're able to think about that a little bit more, I've got some really important questions for you."

The first query was if Sheeran likes "pineapple lumps" — a popular chocolate-covered pineapple-flavored treat, according to Mashable — and if he was open to wearing "jandals" — which are their nickname for flip-flops — in semi-inappropriate situations. And, perhaps most importantly, does the "Shape of You" singer even know what these are.

But it was Ardern's final ask that was more heartfelt: "Are you willing to make New Zealand your home? Let me know."

By asking this seemingly simple question, Ardern highlights a serious political and social issue of foreigners essentially buying New Zealand citizenship and buying up property with no plans to actually live in them. This, as a result, ends up raising house prices to unaffordable levels and increased homelessness as a byproduct (with a Yale study finding that the country has the highest level of homelessness in the developed world) — among other problems. Many think New Zealand's housing bubble could pop at any moment. Officials there, such as Ardern, are hoping to avoid that from happening by limiting or banning foreigners from doing this.

So, with Ardern asking Sheeran about actually coming to live in New Zealand should they offer up citizenship, it is one politician working toward fixing a problem. And all it took was one little question.

Cover image via Jacinda Ardern / Facebook | Tinseltown / Shutterstock

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