These Cute Grandparents Have Been Coordinating Their Outfits For 52 Years

Talk about the perfect match.

Most couples form habits together. Some have a routine about who takes out the garbage and who does the cooking, while others come up with a plan to keep the bedroom organized.

 But one senior couple, Ed and Fran Gargiula, have a habit that is more adorable than anything involving household chores.

These grandparents coordinate their outfits every single day.

Anthony Gargiula tweeted about his grandparent's matchy-matchy style, stating that they have been married a whopping 52 years and they have continued to dress alike after all this time.

Sometimes matching couples can be a bit cheesy, but the Gargiula's consistent coordination is simply adorbs. 

Since Anthony tweeted about his grandparents on August 30, the post has been retweeted over 33,000 times and shared 76,00 times. 

It seems the couple who coordinates together, stays together. 

(H/T: The Cut)


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