This Senior Couple Hilariously Botches A Simple Line While Making A Commercial

"Baked in a buttery, flaky crust."


John "Jack" Palmer and Sonja, his wife of 56 years, are regular customers at Dysart's Restaurant in Bangor, Maine. When Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications set out to make a commercial for the restaurant back in 2012, they decided to cast regulars to capture the eatery's local flavor, including the Palmers, who've done a few spots for Dysart's in the past.

Although Dysart's noted that the commercial was written to cut from customer to customer, with each having a "line consisting of 7 words or less," John had a little trouble with one of his lines about the chicken pot pie.

OK, actually, he completely butchered the line. It was fantastic.

When the final commercial was completed, it was Sonja who described the pot pie's "buttery, flaky crust." Take a look at the finished commercial and the look on John's face as his wife delivers the line flawlessly.

(H/T: Nicer Days / DowzerW)


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