Two Teenage Lovebirds Escape Death In The Most Romantic Way Possible

Incredibly rare (and romantic!).

CBS 2 calls this report a "lucky love story," and, indeed, it's quite remarkable.

Two teenagers were walking down a tree-lined street in California when suddenly they felt a "shove," Dylan Corliss explains in an interview with the news organization..


But in fact, the two were struck by lightning.

"Next thing you know we're on the ground and we gave each other like the most terrified looks you could possibly imagine," Lexie Varga said.

But how they survived makes this frightening story a romantic one...

The two survived because they were — yes — holding hands.

Their doctor, Dr. Stefan Reynoso, told ABC News that "I believe that holding hands may have helped dissipate some of that electrical voltage." 

"Because we were holding hands, it transferred through me through her hands and into her body and then out of her foot," Corliss added.

"The chances of getting hit by lightning is very uncommon, perhaps one in a million," the doctor told CBS.

"The teenagers now joke they have an electric love," CBS's Crystal Cruz reports.

We'd say that's pretty accurate.

Watch ABC's full report below:

(H/T: Cosmopolitan


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