16 People Who Texted Drunk And Probably Regret It To This Day

Friends don't let friends drink and text.

While people text each other all of time, it appears that combining this fun and modern form of communication with alcohol consumption seems very impractical. However, these drunken text messages do serve one incredibly important purpose: they are absolutely hilarious.

Here are 16 funny drunk text messages that will make you glad that you're not friends with these people, unless you actually happen to be friends with them:


1. Texting to yourself requires a certain level of intoxication.

Drank too much one night... responded to my own text message

2. Even drunk people can't interrupt this one.

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3. At least he is being sweet.

Best drunk text I have ever received

4. This is really drunk.

Drunk text

5. Beer has code names.

How not to drunk text your friends that like cats...

6. Every drunk person should have someone type out their texts for them.

When you Drunk Text so hard that you need to hire a Chinese guy to type for you.

7. It always starts with fruits and vegetables.

Figured out how to get women to drunk text me.

8. Drunk conversations between siblings are priceless.

The one and only time that I have ever drunk text. My conversation with my brother

9. What happened to auto-correct?

I'm tired and heading to bed, so here's a screenshot of a drunk text I sent my friend last year. Enjoy.

10. This is a one-sided conversation.

Why people shouldn't drunk text.

11. Drunk texting makes drunk speaking look rather intelligent.

Got so drunk last night I couldn't even text without slurring.

12. Don't get that drunk.

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13. What a nice mother.

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14. Put down the paper plate.

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15. You might want to stop drinking that much.

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16. Biggest takeaway: drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.

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