What This Student Created While Plastered Puts All Our Drunken Escapades To Shame

We've surely never been that productive ...

Alcohol has the ability to render people completely unpredictable, but one Michigan Tech student surprised everyone when he got sloshed recently. 

Arriving home drunk to his 19-year-old roommate Keith Fraley's surprise, the mechanical engineering student neither texted an ex-lover nor ordered pizza, only to pass out before the delivery guy arrived. 

Instead, the drunk sophomore got to work, laying out the design for an airplane that he had zero memory of doing the next day.

"Mark" — as some media outlets are dubbing the student in place of his real name so that this story does not affect his future employment prospects — reportedly stumbled into his dorm room in a drunken stupor while his friends were hanging out. 

To their delight, he went off on a slurred rant, demanded a pen and paper, and proceeded to draw frantically while thinking out loud. At times, he passed out on the whiteboard he was scribbling on. 

"Mark" actually designed an ekranoplan, an aircraft that floats above the water, not an airplane. 

But the best part is this:

His roommate, Fraley, told The Guardian that "Mark" thinks his design just might work — sober, of course — and looks forward to recreating it into a remote control model with some help.

Which makes all of this even more impressive. And for the record, "Mark" wasn't on some magical substance that boosted his creativity and productivity tenfold. No, he was just intoxicated by some good-ol' vodka-and-rum mixed drinks.

Fraley said his crazy roommate's next plan for when he's drunk is to try to cure cancer — or to finalize his design for the craft in Siemens NX to be 3D printed later for prototyping.

Hats off to you, sir. 

See Mark's mad scribblings here:


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