Who Knew That An Effective Way To Save Water Is By Dropping A Brick In Your Toilet?

One drop could help save the world.

It's all fun and games until there's no more water.

On the heels of the 2014 Climate March in New York City and the California drought currently effecting California residents, three San Franciscans wanted an easy and effective way to save water. So, they came up with the project "Drop-A-Brick."

Here's how it works: Once you drop a brick (aka the absorbent wedge) into the top tank of your toilet, it'll displace the water to save about half a gallon every time you flush. And unlike previous house bricks, the Drop-A-Brick team used environmentally-sustainable rubber so the materials won't break a part and clog pipes. Their Indiegogo campaign launched today, which includes this very interesting video to help spread the word:

Dmitry Dragilev, a member of Drop-A-Brick, told A+ that he and his team developed the concept six months ago when the drought first began. But they aren't marketing their project simply because they like making bathroom puns; they want to save the world.

As of now, the situations isn't looking so good. The Cali drought is on track to be more of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. history, ever. Not only will prices increase, but daily living will suffer, from the halting of slip-n-slide fun to showers.

"Water is not an endless resource," Dragilev told A+ in an email. "With California being the main agricultural producer for many products in the USA, nationwide we are already seeing an increase in prices on everything from rice to beer."

Whether or not your area suffers from droughts, the Drop-A-Brick team along with other saving experts weighed in on other ways you can still help conserve. It's as easy as dropping a due-er- brick.

1. Put a bucket in your shower to catch the excess water.

This way, you can use the excess water elsewhere. "Use that water to flush your toilet or water your plants," Dragilev advises.

2. Fix a leaky-anything, ASAP.

Drops add up.

3. Use a Brit-A or store water in the fridge.

It's understandable if you prefer tap water, but oftentimes, people will run water until the liquid is at a cold temperature. To prevent that water from going to waste, store it instead so it's cold exactly when you need it to be.

4. Install a low-flow shower head.

You'll only use what you need.

5. Only water your plants before or after the sun comes up.

When you water when the sun is up or down, the sun will take longer to evaporate the plants' nourishment, and you won't have to water them as often.

6. Avoid baths and don't leave faucet on while brushing teeth.

As you brush away, all the water will go to waste.

7. Follow the age-old toilet solution.

"If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown send it down." said Dragilev.



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